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Boquete Chat is a new way for people to express their views in and around a wide base of subjects. This forum gives those expats in the Boquete, Panama area or anywhere else an opportunity to speak their mind with unbiased or controlled party moderation.
We are offering this site for those community members (expats ) both living and not living in Boquete Panama who want this forum as a voice to express without bars. ( well limited bars). No vulgar, no porn, no sex, images or innuendos, no foul language, respect others.
The views and or expressions of others on this blog are not the opinion and or belief of any 3rd party associated with Boquete Ning.
Volunteer to be a short term moderator fror up to 3 months at a time ( must be fair, open, inclusive and be willing to allow fair play on both sides).
The owners of Boquete Ning and or any 3rd party affiliate claim or otherwise are not responsible for any possible statement of any person and or group or otherwise posting that may under any circumstance harm any 3rd party posted on Boquete Ning. The creator of said post agrees to be obligated to any and all posts and or its legal ramifications for making said posts. You must be willing if called upon by 3rd parties or law enforcement to produce your legal government identifications at any time if a 3rd party requires you in accordance to law to defend your statements or claims against another.  Slander and or statements that cause harm to another person without confirmation of evidence are taken seriously in Panama. We ask all parties to be cautious before posting any comment which may be damaging to any person and cause possible legal actions.  On the other hand, this site is intended to allow any 3rd party the opportunity to respond as they will to any comment by any 3rd party to defend any statements made about them.    The Management of the site reserves the right to delete any and all conversations and or posts it deems necessary for any reason which could have unintended consequences to others.